Female rottweiler

Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers would like to announce the addition of Ana Von Erster Blick to our kennel. She’s a beautiful female Rottweiler that will bring great things to the  Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers family. Stay tuned for upcoming litters from Ana Von Erster Blick.

Ana Von Erster Blick

Born: June 20, 2019

Health Certifications


Dino of Nicola’s Lion

Fantom della Val di Noto

Cobra della Val di Noto

Whitney of Nicola’s Lion

Fiona of Nicola’s Lion
HD+/-, ED-frei (KSS)

Deen of Nicola’s Lion

Bella of Nicola’s Lion

Ines von Erster Blick

Blade vom Grossen Tal

HD-frei ED-frei (KSS)

Cochise from Royal Breed

Rexona vom Bonzi Star

Ana vom Hause Adamovic

HD-frei ED-frei (KSS)

Astor von Junipera

Ila vom Hause Adamovic