German Male Rottweilers

Von Shirkhaus Studs

We are German Rottweiler breeders we offer a Rottweiler Stud service to females of merit and meet the OFA standard. Our Stud contract is listed below. We have Rottweiler puppies for sale out of our stud dogs, you can visit them on our puppy page. The Rottweiler puppy you receive comes with a health guarantee. All of our Rottweiler pups come with full AKC papers.

Our Rottweiler Stud dogs come from the best bloodlines in Germany and all of Europe. They are OFA certified to ensure the best health. They are trained and evaluated on the schutzhund field to meet the same standards set by Germany.  They have been tested and past the akc Canine Good Citizen evaluation to ensure the best temperament.  Our Rottweiler Stud service are available to females with merit that meet the OFA standard.

Our Rottweiler Stud Service Contract

1.  The female must have proof of Hip Certification (OFA).
2.  The female must be correct to the standard and free of any disqualifying faults.
3.  Veterinarian certification of health and breeding soundness of the bitch, including all current vaccinations, negative brucellosis.  All test results to accompany the female at time of shipping.
4.  The Stud Fee is $1,500.00 to be Paid in full before breeding.
5.  Three natural breedings will be attempted.  If for any reason this can not be achieved, the female will be artificially inseminated for the breeding.
6.  All transportation charges and veterinary expense (should veterinary services be required for the health and well being of the female), are the responsibility of the owner of the female.  There are no boarding charges for a stay of 7 days or less; 
after that, charges will apply.
7.  The owner of the female certifies that this female has not been exposed to any other stud dog prior to her arrival and that she will be protected from exposure upon her return home.  
8.  Should the female fail to whelp three puppies, one additional service will be given.  No stud fee will be refunded, in whole or in part.
9.  In the event of a return breeding due to conditions listed in #8, if the stud dog dies or is not available for any reasons, the stud dog owner will offer another stud dog of equal breeding value.  If this offer is refused by female’s owner, this entire agreement is terminated and no money is to be refunded.
10. If owner of said female chooses chilled semen,  the expenses for the collection and the shipping of semen will be paid for by the owner of female.  Also all veterinary costs will be paid for by the owner of said female.  If no puppies are whelped from this breeding, paragraph 8 does not apply.  No additional stud service will be supplied and no stud fee will be refunded in whole or in part.  Chilled semen has a low success rate; this is why section 8 does not apply.