Samson Von Ersterblick

Samson Von Ersterblick

Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers welcomes Samson Von Ersterblick to our kennel as one of our top stud dogs.  Samson was imported from Vladan of Von Ersterblick Rottweilers. We are super excited to have him in our kennel not only as a producer but also to compete in the show! Sampson is the son of world champion Michael Corleone and champion Anci Von Ersterblick!! Sampson also has a Bh and IGP1.

Quick Profile

Name:Samson Von Esterblick

Born: August 12, 2017

Hips A, Elbow 0

JLPP Clear

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Samson Von Ersterblick
Samson Von Ersterblick
Samson Von Ersterblick